Seek Good Miami Immigration Lawyers To Give You A Full-Detailed Guide On Employment Based Petitions

Employers within the Miami who wish to sponsor an individual of foreign nationality for the purpose of permanent residency are required for go through a task that many consider to be quite difficult. Oftentimes, people who need to go through immigration issues in the United States find themselves in a tough position that would certainly be made easy with the help of an expert.

In order to be of help to people who know little to nothing on the subject of Miami immigration laws that relate to these circumstances, we have put together an easy rundown on what these employers should expect to encounter along the way.

Employers within the region of Miami are allowed to sponsor individuals of foreign nationality that may either inside or outside of United States territory. These individuals are considered for permanent residency under a green card which can be acquired via an employment-based immigration petition which should be filed by the employer.

As far as the employment based system of these immigration issues are concerned, there are 5 preferences which are simply referred to as EB-1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 The first of these petitions is particular to individuals of foreign nationality that capable of exceptional skills which covers professionals such as multinational executives and managers as well as those who fall under the educational sect. The second and third of these preferences cover the large majority of applicants for these types of petitions, while the fourth and fifth preferences are for specific cases which involve immigrants that have special cases as well as investors that come into Miami for business.

It helps to know these things for the main purpose of being able to understand ahead of time which preferences are applicable to you in your own situation. Should you find yourself in the position wherein you wish to file a petition for someone who is a national of a foreign country, it would be a good idea to speak with a Miami immigration lawyer that can help give you a better idea on these preferences so that you will know which applies to your own case. It is always best to make the necessary preparations ahead of time in order to guarantee the success of your intentions.

The information that can find in this article is merely the tip of the iceberg as there are many other steps which need to be taken before reaching the end of your immigration concerns, but if you consult a Miami immigration lawyer about these issues then you can look forward to a fruitful outcome at the end of all your efforts.

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Miami Immigration Lawyers


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