Having Marble Tiles Is Great But Being Able To Maintain Them Is Another — A Quick Maintenance Guide

People who have invested in having marble floors installed in any space will know that there are great rewards in being able to maintain their fresh and elegant appeal which would otherwise diminish if these marble floors are not properly taken care of.

If you wish to ensure that your marble floors retain their beauty, you will first need to understand that special attention will have to go into the maintenance of these floors in order to successfully do so, especially since marble has been known to be somewhat susceptible to stains and scratches due to the delicate nature of this material’s finish.

One way people can prevent any accidental scratches from occurring is by vacuuming the marble tile floor area, or clean up any possible elements which may rub against the surface and cause it to become dull. Doing so also helps to prevent any sand and other rough particles from scratching against the surface whenever it is walked on by people.

Always remember never to drag any furniture over marble floors because this is likely to cause deep scratches which can be very noticeable and highly unattractive. Instead, people need to be careful when it comes to moving furniture and other heavy items around the space; it is better to simply carry the entire item up instead of drag it along the marble floors.

It also helps to keep in mind that, while marble stone may be relatively durable, the natural essence of the stone is actually rather porous and soft. Any staining agents that may come into contact with the surface of the floor will have the potential of forming an actual stain if it is not properly dealt with before the agent gets absorbed by the stone.

As long as the staining agent is cleaned up as quickly as possible, the chances of a stain will decrease. In the event that the staining agent has a very high acid content, it is a good idea to use paper towels in order to soak the spill up. Furthermore, the chances of random staining agents causing actual stains on the marble stone becomes significantly even lower as long as the marble tiles have been sealed using a proper stone sealant, so make it a point to get this done by a professional.

Having marble floors can be very impressive indeed, but what is even more impressive is being able to maintain the original luster and shine of such beautiful marble floors.

Joan Vonnegut
Marble Tiles


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