Video Chat Made Easier With 360mate – The Best Online Chat Application Add-On For Facebook

It is done, ladies and gentlemen; Dominor Web Development Company has finally done it! Gone are the days where you have to use several software applications to fully complete your online social networking needs. Gone are the days of computers dying out because of the lack of RAM on your computer – thanks to Facebook and 360mate, we now have the best social networking hub on the entire planet!

360mate is a program designed by Dominor Web Development, a company that worked effortlessly to make one dream possible – enjoy video chat on one webpage! With 360mate nearing its completion, big improvements have been made to ensure that 360mate is up to par with its seemingly weak counterparts. Enjoy limitless options for you to enjoy the whole chat scene, all you need is one account – Facebook, and the rest is history! To know more about the different things 360mate has to offer, read along:

FB Friends Chat – well, the name says it all, under this category, you have the option to chat with Facebook users, yes, it is pretty much like Facebook chat you enjoy, except 360mate has video and audio feed to revolutionize your online social networking experience!

Lobby Chat – this chat category pretty much says it all. In this room, anything goes, and by “anything goes”, I meant you can chat with users who are just here to check out what is happening with the coolest chat app add-on on the planet! Joining the lobby is as easy as using your mouse, and let the buttons do the rest.

Random Chat – this is what made 360mate stand out more than the rest. With random chat, you have the option to just mingle with random users who are also using webcams! This is a place where everyone is equal in terms of broadcasting, so go ahead and reinvent yourself! Warning: Please be warned that there are some users that will give you some indecent shows here. Only 18 and above are allowed to join random chat.

Private Chat – face it, you want to talk to someone privately from time and again. Do not worry, with 360mate, executing a private chat is easier as ever. Just find the user you wish to speak with, click on his username on the list, and click on “chat”! Take things on a more personal level with 360mate.

Groups – by using this feature, you have the option of taking things to a more complete experience by creating your own group! Creating a room or group has never been easier! All you need is to click on the Create Group/Room button and you are good to go! In this window you can create the desired group name, put a little info about your group, choose the genre whether it is normal chat, to adult, or teen, or even kids! Plus, the best part would be the cam option – with this option checked, you can only allow users who also have a webcam. Now, if you are feeling a bit anal about security, you can create a group password, this way nobody can really bother your group!

360mate – Facebook video chat continues to impress thousands of people every day and with the completion in mind, there is only one thing that would remain despite its numerous updates – it will always be free for all users in the entire world! Join the great online chatting experience, join 360mate!

Joan Vonnegut
Facebook Video Chat


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