The Real Deal Between Breast Enlargement Pills & Cosmetic Surgery When it Comes To Promising Results

Women in the real world have to face reality that not everyone who is ever born are made equal when it comes to having perfect, supple breasts. Those who are less unfortunate in that category often lose confidence and has affected their overall personality. Blaming the world about your woes will not make your breasts 10% bigger, so be reasonable and look at the bright side – we can make grow breasts now!

Depending on what your financial status is, you have two options to choose from. This is between cosmetic surgery and regular intake of breast enlargement pills. Two of which proved to be the only logical solution for the breast issue. Let us get to know the two options:

Cosmetic surgery – okay, if you know a good doctor and is capable of spending wads of cash, then by all means. This procedure is most likely the quickest the show results. The downside – surgical scars, it may be minimal, but it is still visible to the human eye. Oh, and just like every other surgery, it does not always turn out to be a success. Sometimes, leaving it with the hands of some random cosmetic surgeon that you met on Craig’s List might help you look young forever… when you are dead!

Breast Enlargement Pills – ah, the ever famous pills that can one day increase your bust size by up to whatever possible measurement you can think off. It is believed (by cosmetic surgeons) that using breast enlargement pills are useless beyond measure and can possibly result in more harm than good. Well, with over a million different products that come in different shapes and sizes, some of them can actually work, right? Besides, with estrogen pills and other breast enlargement pills on the market today show results. The downside – if you are the type of person who does not read the label or ingredients, then it may kill you. Some of the herbs used in some products prove useful but unless you are allergic to that type herb, then please reconsider.

It is important for you to know that your ultimate breast size is in reality, just based on your genetic makeup. If your are 14 and still has a flat chest, then wait a little longer, puberty can last up to 10 years for ladies, you know. breast enhancement are okay as long as you know what is in them. You can never be too sure of just believing everything you see on TV, or worse… the internet, right?

Joan Vonnegut
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