Save Money On Cleaning Materials – Use Old Toothbrushes And Baking Soda To Clean Your Kitchen Sinks

We all know how much activity takes place inside your kitchen… this is the place where you clean meat, poultry, and veggies, or cook a hearty meal, after all. Of course, after all these, an even harder task is at hand, and that is to clean your kitchen. There are literally thousands of cleaning products designed specifically for your kitchen, but are they really necessary? Read along as you can use your old stuff and your trusty self-confidence to clean and maintain your kitchen tiles and sinks!

First off, the supplies that you will need are basically, your old toothbrush, baking soda, your all-around cleaning brush (which is optional, by the way), and a sponge (either new or used), preferably with the ones with double sided scrubber for maximum scrubbing efficiency, some cleaning detergent or liquid dishwashing soap, and a few to several minutes to spare. Once you have acquired all the supplies needed for cleaning, then we can get started!

Let us start with your kitchen tiles – It is highly advised that you wet the tiles first with water and what you want to do next is to apply a generous amount of liquid soap on your sponge and start scrubbing the dirt out of your tiles. Use your old toothbrush to do the trick for hard to reach places (well, just like teeth, eh?) that your sponge can’t reach. Go ahead and clean thoroughly. This way, the next cleaning sessions or more known as maintenance would not be much of a drag, because of less spots clean, of course.

Now Let us move on to the more complex part – kitchen sinks. I can’t stress enough how dirty, wait, filthy kitchen sinks can be. This is where the bad juices from meat or poultry go through during the cleaning process. Imagine how dirty that sink is and how quickly bacteria take over… and how important it is to be clean and tidy for you and your family! What you want to do first is you want to totally wet your sink so the soda will stick on the bottom and the sides. And then you want to just sprinkle all over sides and bottom, it would be best to leave it for a little bit and let the soda kind of set. Afterwards, you can go ahead and use the scrub or your toothbrush to disinfect the entire kitchen sink. Now, while that sets, you might want to go where the drains are, and the little crevices, where the dirt can get in with your toothbrush. Once you are convinced that it is sparkly clean, use warm water to rinse everything out. Do this really well to ensure that everything is completely wiped off. Give it a nice buff and there you go! Your kitchen is as good as new, and with not much money to waste!

Joan Vonnegut
Kitchen Sinks


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