360mate The Ultimate Facebook Video Chat Experience Recently Announced New Features For Its Users

It was not long ago that Video Chat was merely a dream for avid Facebook users all over the world. Some eventually gave up on that dream and opted to do video chat elsewhere. Because of excellent web-based video chat applications like 360mate, chatting through different apps is a thing of the past.

Thanks to the continuing advancement of technology, the battle for supremacy in terms of delivering the ultimate social networking experience is an everyday affair. Countless developers and programmers strive to bring the best in the business… and of course, one of the best video chat applications is here to prove yet again why they are Facebook user’s choice for the ultimate add-on for your social networking needs.

Okay, for those who are curious as to what new features this sleek, unique application has to offer all you have to do is either join or like 360mate’s Facebook profile and voila! Instant chat with thousands of users all over the world! Now, you can opt to chat with 360mate users via Facebook’s group chat or go directly to the video chat application itself. What are the advantages of accessing the application itself? Well, for starters it enables you to enjoy 3 types of chatting service: like random chat, private chat, and the ever famous group chat! For group chat, you can invite and view up to 6 of your friends webcams simultaneously!

Still in doubt? No problem-o! What I can suggest is to test the waters. Find out about what the application offers, after all, it is absolutely free of charge! As simple as allowing the application run itself on your computer not only saves time, but also lets you do less work with regard to installing necessary files etc… with just one click of your mouse button, you are a few seconds away from the best video chatting add on – 360mate Facebook Video Chat!

It is true that there are plenty of programmers out there trying to be better, but the simple fact that you do not need anything else aside from your Facebook account, blows its competitors out of the proportion, this is truly a breakthrough for anyone who does not feel like registering multiple accounts just to enjoy its benefit, when you can have everything you need under one webpage – Facebook.

To know more about 360mate, simply go to http://www.360mate.com and learn the rest along the way.

Joan Vonnegut
Facebook Video Chat


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