Interpersonal Human Communication Has Been Taken To A New Exciting Level With Facebook Video Chat

Humans have always had the need to be able to communicate with one another, and human communication has come about mostly for the main purpose of expressing thoughts and ideas across different individuals. In fact, there is a field of study which is dedicated to understanding the manner in which people communicate, and that field of study is called anthroposemiotics.

Under anthroposemiotics, one can find different forms of communication. We have “intrapersonal communication” which is basically just the way that any given individual communicates with his or her self; “interpersonal communication” which involves one person communicating with another person; “group dynamics” which involves a number of people communicating with one another, and other terms which involve much larger scales of communication forms. But among all of these forms, there is one that has been significantly altered with the help of modern technology, and that is interpersonal communication.

Back in the day, people were only granted the opportunity of communicating whenever the person that they wish to relay messages to is right in front of them, or within earshot of their location. Over the centuries, wired telecommunications become made possible with the invention of the first practical telephone which was done by Alexander Graham Bell. Being the smart human beings that people are, this great innovation had somehow managed to pave the way for the creation of the internet, which pretty much followed the same concept of transmitting sound in the form of data across lines which could reach immense lengths.

Fast forward to the present, we now have all these social networking sites which allow us to track down people whom we have not heard from in a long time, and we are able to communicate with them on an interpersonal level which is effective despite its capacity which limits us to a mere exchange of text messages over the internet. For social networking sites such as Facebook, the same concept rings true — except Facebook allows its users to keep track of which of their connected friends are actually online at any given time, plus the function which allows people to engage in chat sessions with those people.

Technology, however, moves at such rapid speeds that people have found ways in which they can utilize these functions which are already set on Facebook with applications that can allow people to actually have real-time chat sessions which also incorporate the usage of their video cam. Now, interpersonal communication on Facebook is not just limited to typing out words — thanks to Facebook Video Chat, you can now see the person that you are talking to, making it the experience so much more interactive!

Why feel restricted to merely typing out words the whole time when you can brighten up someone’s day by simply showing them your smile? Now, with the help of Facebook Video Chat, you can! Why not try it out today?

Joan Vonnegut
Facebook Video Chat



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