360mate Facebook Video Chat – The Ultimate Add-on For the Best Social Networking Website Around

As of 2011, nobody can deny the fact that Facebook is by far the best online social networking hub for the youth and the adults alike. I mean, who would not be amazed with the amazing progress that this website has over the years. Although Facebook has been sitting on top of the game for quite some time now, there are a lot of users complaining that the website still lacks the overall online social networking experience. But with the help of aspiring independent programmers and developers, the word “incomplete” is nothing but an obstacle waiting to be cleared.

Online users of Facebook marvel at its pure awesomeness as it provided more than just a profile page for you and your friends, but also allows you to share more than pictures or videos – if you are familiar with Java and Adobe Flash, then you can contribute to the online society, now that is more than what other social networking websites like Friendster or MySpace can offer.

With the addition of the developer page on Facebook, developers and programmers from all over the world can share their creative masterpiece like Java or Flash games, and other useful applications for everyone and anyone… as long as you have a Facebook account, that is. Because of this huge breakthrough to online development, an online group called Dominor Web Development Group made a very useful and unique application that can benefit you, your friends, and your family!

Introducing 360mate Facebook Video Chat – the complete add-on application for the best social networking website that can make your whole social networking experience to a whole new level! What is 360mate, you ask? Well, this unique application is the only thing missing for the complete chatting experience. Facebook’s chat app is good, but it is not enough for today’s online users as they seek for more ways to express themselves… and with this video chat app installed on your computer, you now have more ways to spend your time online.

The 360mate Facebook Video Chat application is very easy to use, all you have to do is just log in on your Facebook account, type “360mate” on the search bar on top, click on “go to app”, and let this amazing software do the rest! With this app installed, you can socialize in ways you have never tried on Facebook before, like random chat, group chat, and private chat! So why don’t you go ahead and try it? Everything you need is just a mouse click away!

Joan Vonnegut
Facebook Video Chat



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