The Beach Life – Understanding The Different Neighborhoods Of Miami Beach and Its Real Estate Market

Okay, you finally have the money to invest on something that would shape up your entire world and choosing the right investment is very essential for you. Whether you are investing for business or leisure, you should always take into serious consideration the area surrounding your preferred property. So know more about Miami Beach, know the beach life!

So far, there are six different neighborhoods in Miami Beach (seven if you include South of 5th in South Beach) namely: South Beach, Mid-Beach, North Beach, Bal Harbour, Sunny Isles Beach and Surfside. All of which are either very similar to each other, or entirely different. Miami Beach is visited by more than a million people each year for quite some time now so you would know for yourself that if you plan on business establishments, you can always check the commercial real estate either on the web or locally. If settling down is what you plan on doing, then the neighborhoods of Miami Beach is more than happy to accommodate another new resident of their proud city.

When investing on a property, again, whether business or leisure, here are the most essential things you need to check for:

– Does the place offer good security?
Check all the information available at the neighborhood, best to talk to the local city hall or police department to get the records for crime rates etc.

– If looking for a suitable home, does the neighborhood look friendly enough for your taste?
No matter where or how you put it; a real estate agent is more concerned about bagging the deal rather than check the details of the neighborhood for your peace of mind.

– Does the neighborhood look peaceful at night?
Best to check the neighborhood at night to know if your preferred home or business property is either packed or deserted, weigh in your options.

Investing in Miami Beach Real Estate properties can be quite costly and can potentially make you rich or go bankrupt, so here are a quick tips on the neighborhoods of Miami Beach: South Beach and South of 5th is by far the most visited place in all of Miami Beach, 2nd is Bal Harbour which offers lots of water sports activities, then you have Mid-Beach, which is also called as Millionaire’s Row for some, these places are good places to look for business, but don’t get me wrong; they have good houses too! But if you are really gunning for a true neighborhood experience: Surfside is probably the best of them all, peaceful and clean environment welcomes you every single day, Sunny Isles Beach, and North Beach offers deluxe condos and some good real estate properties since these places are still improving to be more competitive in the future.

Joan Vonnegut
Miami Beach Real Estate


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