Home Improvement 101 – Knowing The Importance Of Taking Care Of Your Marble Tiles For Ageless Beauty

When it comes to flooring, marble tiles are an all-time favorite for both luxurious and simple homes. By simply using marble in your living space, you automatically exude a degree of grace and sophistication that a lot of people try so hard to achieve. As durable as it may seem, marble is still a rather sensitive material which requires a certain amount of care and attention.

One of the substances that you need to look out for is water; it seems innocent and harmless at first, but water actually has the power to spoil your tiles. But since there are no harsh ingredients in water, the damage is minimal and is retained to mere water stains. These can easily be eliminated by immediately wiping the surface dry so that stains will not occur on the surface. If the water has been on the surface for a relevant amount of time, the shine of your tiles surface may have grown dull, in which case you will just need to make sure to avoid any spills in the future.

When it comes to cleaning your marble tiles, cleaning solutions that have a neutral pH are your best bet. By using acid-based and alkaline-based cleaning solutions, you put your marble tiles at risk of scraping at the surface of your marble tiles. And the same thing goes with other substances that may contain varying amounts of acid or alkaline should be avoided from coming into contact with your marble tiles.

As far as scratches as concerned, it is essential to make sure that the materials that touch the surface of your marble tiles are not extremely sharp. You can avail of protective support to attach to the legs and bases of your furniture. It is necessary to avoid dragging furniture over your tiles. Also know that, by making use of a doormat, you eliminate the amount of sand that may be attached to the shoes of those who may have to walk on your marble tiles.

By means of knowing about the various things that can ruin your Marble Tiles, you will also learn how to prevent the damage from every happening. Remember, marble tiles are anything but cheap; you will want to preserve the original beauty of your marble tiles, and try to keep them in top form for as long as possible.

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Marble Tiles


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