Buyer’s Advice – Tips On Finding The Perfect Place To Own A Miami Luxury Home For You And Your Family

So you finally did it, eh? After countless hours of work it has finally paid off – You can finally buy a house. But wait; have you decided where your dream house should be? Well, I am no expert, but I believe I can give you a tip or two about looking for the best location that suits you and/or your family.

First off, the most important thing – Location! Where are you living right now and where is the place you are planning to move on to? Have you personally checked the neighborhood or you just based your judgement off the internet? No matter how awesome you real estate agent may be, it is not their job to know if the neighborhood is good or bad, they just want to sell houses, that is all. It is highly encouraged that you check the neighborhood yourself come night time so you would know what the neighborhood would look like when you are sound asleep or something. No need to elaborate further, I believe.

TIP: Best way to check for the neighborhood’s security is by checking with the local police district. They may have a record of crime rate statistics around the different neighborhoods in the city.

Neighborhood – do the neighbors look that friendly to you, or you have a feeling that they want to chop your head off the minute you fall asleep? More importantly, do you still have neighbors around? If you see 3 or more houses or properties for sale around your area, it means bad news. Not that privacy is good, but there must be a reason why no one can stand living in that area. It may not be zombies roaming your front lawn, but killer mortgage bills can stalk you your whole life.

TIP: Check with the local town or city hall to see the economic standing of the neighborhood. If all look’s good, then that is a good catch!

Amenities – What do you do in life? Where do you work? Make a list of your activities that you plan to still do once you move. That way, you can check if there are good schools for your kids or future kids, fine convenience stores and decent restaurants and ample entertainment and sports complex to keep you active and amused.

TIP: Make a list of activities that will benefit you, and/or your family so that it will be an easier way to narrow down potential neighborhoods around the city.

Finding the best Miami luxury home for you sounds like a tiring job, but with these in mind, you can be confident to know that every cent counts. Good luck in finding your dream home. Remember, it doesn’t start and end in the house itself, it starts in the way you live.

Joan Vonnegut
Miami Luxury Homes


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