Mid-Beach and North Beach Set To Develop One Of The Best Miami Beach Luxury Condos Out On The Market

Is your current place a living haven for people hoping to find the grand escape? Have you experienced paradise in your own backyard? Well, Experience a new way to live… South Beach style! Two neighborhood cities in Miami Beach have made a very lucrative deal, to make Mid-Beach and North Beach Miami Beach’s most ideal place to live in.

With over $1 Billion invested for the development of more than three thousand condominium units (which are being developed at the moment), there is no stopping these two communities into being one of Miami Beach’s residential hotspot. With the real estate developers targeting or focusing their investment for today’s individuals and/or couples between 21 to 40 years old, as they believe that these are the one’s shaping up tomorrow’s nation.

The constructions being made between 70th streets & Collins Avenue from the North Beach, to 59th and 63rd streets will take a while as these condos are rumoured to be one of Miami’s finest residential condos that will become available in due time. Since a lot of potential tenants are anticipating its opening, some are actually paid in full already; the prices for the condo units will not be cheap. After all, Mid-Beach and North Beach are one of Miami Beach’s exclusive cities. Imagine living in a place where you can either enjoy the sweet solitude in your private oceanfront terrace, or mingle with different people bursting with personality.

One of Mid-Beach’s selling points is the way that everything is accessible. If you are longing for an awesome party, head over to South Beach which is literally a few minutes away, or if you are planning to spoil you loved one over at the fine dining restaurants over at North Beach which is also a few minutes away, you have all the options available at your convenience.

But if you happen to live in Mid-Beach, I doubt you will even spend your day elsewhere as everything you desire can already found in this place. The cities amenities offers a lot of perks like fishing, diving, snorkelling, clubbing, art collecting, shopping, fine dining and so much more. You possibly will love this place forever!

The current project for Miami Beach Luxury Condos in both North and Mid-Beach is bound to finish soon, and if you happen to feel like changing your life from lame to awesome status, leave your city and escape in Miami Beach, where the fun never stops!

Joan Vonnegut
Miami Beach Luxury Condos


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