Key Points To Remember When Scouting For Potential Yachts For Sale In Your Area

Owning your very own Yacht sounds cool, no… legendary. Being the captain of your own vessel, knowing that you have the freedom to control your own pace gives a different kind of jolt in anyone’s bone, but just because it looks very fresh because of the new paint very well done means that everything should be okay when you go cruising

The most common mistake first yacht buyers (me included) make is the fact that they lack the knowledge about yachts (or boats in general), and just because it looks new, does not mean it runs in tip top shape as well. For first timers, their typical budget ranges from $20,000 to $50,000. There are certain reasons as to why you can get a cheaper yacht, go find out about it. Cruising via yacht is one of the most relaxing activities you and your family could ever enjoy – so make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Here are a few tips that would help you about specific parts you need to focus on regarding yachts (or boats, in general):

When checking for yachts, check if the rig is still intact, as a collapsing rig could drain your bank account faster than you can set sail. If there are noticeable damages but seller insists that it will last longer than it looks, recommend getting the yacht re-rigged first, check the mast and make sure to get it overhauled and halyard replacements to restore it to its tip-top shape… well, at least close to it. You might spend $5,000 if the seller does not want to cover it, so weigh your options.

Do not expect that you can get a yacht below $50,000 that does not require any other maintenance performed. Most used Yachts For Sale on the market today are more than a decade old at least, so if you are still hoping to get a whiff of that “new yacht smell”, try your luck elsewhere because the chances of you whiffing fish guts are more likely to happen than to get a newish yacht.

Does the motor/s sound right? Make sure that the motor is in pristine condition. You do not want to be stuck in the middle of the ocean because of a busted motor, right? Then we’ve got the hull, which, as time goes on will look unpleasant and more horrid to you to the point where you’ll want to spend more money to restore it.Then there’s the crappy wiring, the cushions are worn out, the timber- work is scuffed and the galley and head reeks of bad odor.

Lastly, make a checklist so that you can compare the yachts you currently have your eyes on. Good luck, and happy sailing in the future!

Joan Vonnegut
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