Finding Miami Beach Luxury Condo Properties On One Of The Best Markets In Miami — The Town Of Surfside

This holiday season, get out of the snow and enjoy the lovely Miami heat with your family or loved ones! One of the best places to visit in Miami Beach is Surfside. With more than a mile of sandy white beach open for public, this is a vacation hotspot for anyone who likes the beach! Having a population of approximately 5,838 happy residents has made this town into a lively and growing neighborhood. What makes this place remarkable is their number of elegant resorts, and fabulous hotels and motels, which are available through reservations.

Why Surfside? Well, this town prides itself as one of the cleanest and greenest districts in the country… and possibly, the world. The dedication to quality life by the residents are outstanding, everyone helps everyone. In fact, the last time a crime has been reported here was when Bush was still president. Even their town runs on a tight budget despite hosting numerous attractions. They are so good at taking care of their taxes, that they are still paying what they used to pay a decade ago. Their property taxes stayed as it is.

This town hosts many entertainment and recreational activities throughout the year… and this coming holiday has no exception. Surfside has its own wonderful business and commercial district with fine restaurants, all reasonably priced, and a great variety of over 100 stores, shops and boutiques. Hotels and resorts line Surfside’s oceanfront and the famous Collins Avenue, with accommodations available for all tastes and budgets.

Surfside has earned a truly superb reputation as a family vacation spot, offering a wide range of accommodations, resort facilities, shopping opportunities and leisure activities. That is why a series of Miami Beach luxury condos are going to be developed coming next year. Surfside is more than ready for an expansion, and they are more than happy to share their beautiful beachfront town with you. Offering the same recreational facilities like tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, etc… other towns have to offer, only much better. Experience Surfside, Florida today!

Joan Vonnegut
Miami Beach Luxury Condos


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