Identifying The Different Types Of Hemorrhoids And The Differences Among Them: Internal And External

There is nothing nice about hemorrhoids, which is why it can be such an unpleasant topic for discussion, but there are things which people need to know about this medical condition in order to make sure that those who are already currently faced with the problem of hemorrhoids might be able to understand exactly what to expect.

First of all, it is helpful to know that there are actually two different types of hemorrhoids: internal, and external. Both of these types are difficult to deal with, but both of these types are capable of being treated. If you feel like you have hemorrhoids, you can find that there are different descriptions which apply to each type.

Internal Hemorrhoids

Just as the word internal implies, these hemorrhoids occur on the inside of the body, making it harder to identify judging solely on their appearance since people are not capable of seeing inside their digestive systems. Being able to track these types of hemorrhoids requires an understanding of the symptoms that apply to the condition. One of the most common of all symptoms involves a certain amount of bleeding in the rectum area of the individual. Such bleeding is sometimes quite noticeable on the stool itself, or whenever there are streaks of blood on the toilet paper which has been used to clean up after bowel movement.

Also, people who have internal hemorrhoids tend to experience an itching sensation around the anus. The reason behind this itch is the fact that the mucus which lines the rectum has begun to come out, causing the irritation on the skin surrounding the affected area.

External Hemorrhoids

As opposed to the type we have mentioned above, these external hemorrhoids are much easier to identify because you can already tell by simply looking at the anal area of the individual. The appearance of any little bulge in the skin surrounding the anus means that you may actually have the condition. These bulges may occur individually, or in groups, so take a close look to make sure.

People who suffer from external hemorrhoids often experience pain in the affected area, especially during or after bowel movement. There are conditions where these external hemorrhoids even bleed as a result of some kind of irritation.

Whether you find out that you are suffering from internal or external hemorrhoids, it becomes essential that you seek immediate treatment for your condition. Seeking the help of a professional doctor is the best way to make sure that know what hemorrhoid treatment options are available to you so that you can go for the correct treatment method.

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