Keeping Your Eyes On The Prize — The Aventura Real Estate Market Prepares To Take On The Bright Future

One of the common misconceptions that a lot of people have today is that you need to be very rich before you can indulge in the kind of lifestyle that people often relate Miami to. But in reality, everyone can buy their own ticket into this fantastic lifestyle; even you can experience luxurious living at affordable prices only in Miami!

In the Miami-Dade County you can find a rapidly growing suburban city called Aventura which is filled with properties that anyone would want to own. Being one of the many fast-growing communities in the State of Florida, Aventura has already made its mark by being the most family friendly city in all. The community itself is bursting with energy as numerous high-rise condos are visible on every part of the district which many take for a sign that there is so much potential in this great location.

The city itself is a sight for sore eyes as beautiful majestic palm trees line the roadways with its gorgeous flowers that surround the medians of the Aventura Boulevard as well as the ever popular Country Club Drive, where golfers of all ages test their mettle with some of the retired pros of the PGA. At the heart of the city lies the Aventura Founders Park — the breath-taking bayside path leads to a children’s playground, a sports field that can cater to multiple sports, and official tennis courts where people who enjoy active lifestyle come to break a sweat and have a good laugh with both family and friends alike.

One of the city’s best tourist spot is the ever popular Aventura Mall. From affordable finds to fashion suicide, everything you need is in one place! With six department stores and 250 shops in one mall, it is one amazing haven for shoppers! Even tourists and residents from Miami itself have a habit of taking an hour drive or more, just to shop for exclusive items.

Having one of the nicest temperatures in all of the Sunshine State, families from all over the country updated their bucket list, stating that they wish to migrate in the city. The need for new homes and units are rising very slightly, but still has a possibility to attract more people. The Aventura real estate market is flourishing more than ever. Despite a few setbacks from tax concerns in 2003, the market has bounced back from a few losses and moved on. Now, with sky high residential condos, beautiful neighborhoods, and wonderful sights, Aventura is definitely ready for the future.

Joan Vonnegut
Aventura Real Estate


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