Facebook Carries On With Its Revolutionary Greatness With The Addition Of A Real Estate Search Function

Facebook has got to be the most complete social networking hub available on the internet today, and as of yet, it continues to break barriers every single day. Unlike its competitors such as MySpace and Multiply, they simply lack the everyday practicality and simplicity of Facebook. Facebook is indeed the tool which has everything you need.

Need to chat with a friend? Facebook has real time chat, instead of dozens and dozens of instant messages or wall posts to flood your entire page, but if you’d want people to think you’re THAT active then the option is available to you just the same. Video chat, much? Then worry not as there are literally hundreds of independent developers making that possible. Speaking of applications, there are tons of them available to be add on your Facebook page. The possibilities are just endless, if not, close to it.

Facebook did not only revolutionize only the social networking side, but the business side as well. Here’s one example: Facebook Real Estate Search. What is it, you ask? Well, my friend, it’s a simple application similar to your favourite games, only you get to choose from a set of different houses in different areas all in one page. What’s more is that you can get to chat with an agent real time (provided that the agent has given you his or her information).

This kind of tool really saves a lot of time and money for both parties, as they wouldn’t waste time on meetings that could possibly mean nothing to both parties. With this amazing application, you can get to book meetings, check the asking price, payment details etc. it really is amazing how technology has made everything as breezy as possible.

Facebook real estate search applications are only a handful and are still being improved. Although the basic need of contacting an agent free of charge is their best feature yet. Be very wary though, as some are too good to be true, and some don’t even have their real estate license. Just like anywhere, people take advantage, and this doesn’t have an exception. The very best tip I can offer is to always, always pick the one with the highest ratings and feedbacks. You can fake your license, but not your credibility. If you think you can contribute to Facebook real estate search applications, then you may also contact the developers of the application as there can be lucrative benefits awaiting you. For more details about Facebook real estate search, use the search feature of Facebook (yes, the same you use for finding friends) and type Facebook real estate search, and enjoy the presentations.

Joan Vonnegut
Facebook Real Estate Search


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