Getting Your Life Back In Its Proper Place With The Help Of Miami Beach Luxury Condos

I used to live in a one bedroom apartment, and I hated it. My neighbors were a real treat; my landlord was just a single spoonful of lard away from being the biggest and fattest jerk in all of Miami, and the house itself was crawling with mutated insects which seemed to have been experimented on by the secret service. Anyway, I work at a very big software company as an animation and graphic designer. I thought working for a big company would pay big, but I guess I was wrong. I am not complaining though; I’ve been with that company for three years now. I am so dedicated in my work that I detached myself from the social world.

I finally reconnected with friends after asking me a million times on Facebook. What can I do? I needed a break anyway. I headed to the bar, met with friends, who of course, brought a date – leaving me as the nth wheel. Watching my friends get wasted made me miss the days where I used to dominate every drinking contest known to man (well, not really). I tried to analyse what’s pulling my energy down, then I realized it’s the damn termites feasting on my ceiling. Without hesitation, I stormed off, told my landlord to keep my deposit, kicked him in the groin, and went to a hotel. Living in the 82nd avenue is really hard. I decided to find a better neighborhood, somewhere where you can feel at ease… Miami Beach! I checked the listings and talked to a real estate agent, he arranged a meeting, gave me the address and the very next day, I checked the place out.

D’Andrei Cantrell, a very well respected real estate broker showed me a very beautiful and elegant condo unit. Everything about it gives me tingles. The kitchen counter, the sink, the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom, I can go on and on. I wasn’t sure if I could afford such luxury, then he told me of the price – which is remarkably affordable! He also informed me about the amenities that came in the building… a gym, very nice. Now I have time to tone my body.

Miami Beach luxury condos are really something else compared to the mediocre condos you see downtown, and in some areas. Miami Beach is the best neighborhood for anyone. My condo is one of a kind, but not really, as there are still a few more up for grabs. Better act fast. You won’t regret it.

Joan Vonnegut
Miami Beach Luxury Condos


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