Finding Out How Mosaic Tiles Are Brilliantly Incorporated Into The Design Of Fabulous Homes

At some point in one’s life, you tend to develop the urge to buy your own place, and you are not the only one. In fact, everyone wants that, but not everybody has money to make it possible. But that cycle is about to end, as more and more houses are being developed everyday to prepare for next year’s market. I was given a privilege to check one of the model homes. A real estate representative named Dale Steven arranged an appointment as soon as possible.

Upon arriving at the model home, I took a quick look around, left my car and immediately, Dale Steven gave me a very warm welcome and gave a quick orientation as to what to expect inside. Being on the safe side, Dale and I agreed to sign a non-disclosure agreement as to how much is a house. After signing the agreement, I immediately focused my attention to the place surrounding me. I must say, it feels like I’m already outside Miami. The quiet and distant ocean makes the view a total eye candy.

From the outside, the house looks a bit small for its price, but everything will change once you see what’s inside. Since it’s a model home, you have to visualize what the place looks like minus the furniture. Take measurements, as this is the key to making a simple house, into a luxurious one! Judging from the interior designer’s eye, the furniture and colors used to complement each other in a very unique way, the dining hall is well designed, the rooms are a total steal, and the bathrooms looks like a bedroom!

It is amazing how they managed to make a mediocre-looking hallway into a fancy-looking simply by replacing your typical granite tile into something more… expressive. In this situation, the mediocre hallway tiles were replaced by mosaic tiles. Its sleek and sophisticated look makes this tile an instant “best buy” for today’s builders. Why pay for a quality tile that costs more than your monthly mortgage, when you can get the best price, at a greatly reduced price.

The luxury homes in Miami made it a point that elegance doesn’t need to be attached to the word pricey, as it is proven yet again that the home of your dreams is just one click away. So if you think you are capable of moving to the next step, then getting a house in Miami Beach is probably the best move for the entire decade. For more information, check out the listings in your area or get in touch with a real estate agent, as they will make the process a breeze.

Joan Vonnegut
Mosaic Tiles


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