By Reviewing The Contract Before Acquiring Miami Luxury Homes You Can Dodge People Who Try To Take Advantage Of You

There are a lot of people who question the quality of the newly built houses down in Fisher Isle, Miami, as numerous reports of faulty pipes and fluctuating electricity. Although the real estate company (unable to disclose information) promised home insurance, it is taking a while to process all the information needed. Most of the homeowners are forced to sell the house at a lower price and either looks for a condo, or another house.

Legally, the real estate company is in compliance with the law, and homeowners signed a contract stating that house repairs are checked on a daily basis and may take time for processing. With this in effect, there are no possible lawsuits to be thrown at the said company. Others are left with no choice but to wait for a resolution, or pay for it at their own expense. It is true that there are a lot of Miami luxury homes around the city, especially in the Miami Beach area, but you must always review the contract because even elegance can be deceiving.

A couple from Washington state decided to migrate in Miami to start a new life shares their hardships and terrifying experience when they chose to live in Fisher Isle.

“The first few months were great, we really invested a lot of our savings for this to possibly happen, and so far, everything’s looking up… until the pipes exploded. We got a plumber that very same day only to find out that the pipes used all around the house needs replacement. Knowing that the house is insured, we contacted the real estate company; they informed us to prepare a list of needed documents and explained the screening process. We waited for months for them to fix our plumbing, and it took the company four months to tell us that the pipes were not covered. We were forced to sell the home of our dreams and settled for a condo outside Miami. It may have crippled our financial status, but we still have each other.”

There are really just some companies out there that take advantage of the unwary people who need homes, and the companies do it just to gain maximum profit. There are a few who values its brand, its mission, its goal – providing truly exquisite Miami waterfront homes are possible if honesty is instilled in the core values of a real estate company when they go at conducting business. But for them, as long as there’s money at the end of the table, then it’s business as usual.

Joan Vonnegut
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