Facebook Video Chat – Everything You Need To Interact Can Be Found In One Application

Almost everyone who’s capable of using a computer has a Facebook of their own, and in case you’re missing out, Facebook is a webpage that takes care of all your social networking needs. Well, almost. Facebook was kind enough to give us IM chat messenger services, but they never bothered to add two vital components – video and voice chat. There are cases where “to see is to believe” takes place in the world of cyberspace. Sometimes we get carried away with the surreal that we forget to express ourselves by the use of a webcam. Broadcasting yourself online is the next best thing to getting naked in public.

In a world where innovation takes place everyday, the folks of Facebook are kind enough to let the future software engineers, applications analysts, designers, and developers an opportunity to share Facebook’s success in captivating millions and millions of users. With that in place, the time for improving Facebook has come, once again. Third party programmers and developers are testing out a new application that can totally revolutionize your Facebook experience – Facebook Video Chat.

Since the crew of Facebook are not planning to add a video chat option in their masterpiece, the third company developers will have the opportunity to battle to be the best in video chat under Facebook. As of now, there are roughly a handful of aspiring developers to make Facebook the ultimate social networking hub. Some developers are already dreaming big as there are unofficial reports of any software capable of streaming live audio and video simultaneously to different clients added on the person’s list (must have the same application for the application to function).

A lot of people find it ridiculous to even bother installing the video chat application because there are a lot of other reliable companies catering to that kind of field. Yes, it is true that it may be rendered useless to use an application capable of doing the job even before developers started working on it. What they don’t know is that they’re pretty much wasting their time using the old ones because Facebook is the most visited social networking site in the world. People aim for simplicity, and having everything you need to socialize readily available in one website is the best feature anyone can ask for.

Facebook Video Chat applications indeed look promising, provided that there are solid developers working hard to make it a mainstay in the best social networking tools in the world.

Joan Vonnegut
Facebook Video Chat


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