New Laws Cause People To Move Drinking Sessions Into Their Miami Beach Condos Instead

As many of us know, Miami Beach is one of the places that people run to when they need to take a break from it all. Just the idea of being able to kick their shoes off so that they can take the time to lay back lazily and take it slow while taking in all the natural beauty of the immediate surroundings – this really does sound like something anyone can look forward to, especially when they deserve it after all the hard work.

You will often find the typical beach bum in a scenario quite similar to the one I have just described in the above situation, and this is just one of the many scenarios which can be seen down the magnificent stretch of the Miami Beach. One thing that a lot of adults tend to enjoy while doing this is to be able to toss back a few glasses of alcohol while they are at it, but lately there has been some concerns regarding this among the locals.

There have been some legal discussions that tackle on the legalities that lie behind the regulatory rules on alcohol served on the beach itself. The establishments that cater to the needs of the many people that love to enjoy their time on the beach have been going through a waiting phase on whether they will be allowed to continue selling alcohol to their customers while they are on the public area of the beach.

The trouble is that there has been quite a waiting period on this regulation and people are left hanging in suspension. One of the hotel managers have been noted to say that it has been quite disheartening to be in a field of service to people only to have to tell them that they cannot be provided with a particular drink of their choice due to the fact that there have been laws that have been recently passed that disapprove of such activity on the beach.

“As much as it sucks to have to be told that we can’t continue to enjoy the consumption of our favorite drinks while we’re out chilling on the beach, I just don’t let it get to me,” says Todd Domingo, one of the frequent beach-goers of Miami. “All I need to do is tell everyone to come over to my place for drinks instead.” He laughs as he points up at one of the chic condominium buildings nearby.

Instead of having to get into trouble with the local officials, more and more people are taking their drinking sessions off the public beach area and into the comfort of the Miami Beach luxury condos that are not far away. Not to mention the fact that the view is still spectacular – it’s the closest they can get to enjoy the same thing on shore.

Joan Vonnegut
Miami Beach Condos


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