Marble Tiles Have Come A Long Way And Continue To Satisfy People All Over The World

When materials like fossils and other minerals in the form of rocks crystallize under extremely hot temperatures and pressure forces, a metamorphic rock comes into formation, and this rock is known to us as “marble”. During the formation process that the rock undergoes, there are distinct markings that come up all over the marble; as a matter of fact, these vein-like markings are exactly what make the material so recognizable to people.

Once these marble rocks form, they are usually just dug up, and this is done in large quantities. Once the marble has been dug out, they are then taken to quarries where they are sent off to be trimmed down to various shapes and sizes. As soon as the marble has been cut to the ideal shapes, they are then ready to be shipped off to be placed on the market.

As far as popularity among people, it is quite easy for the common-folk to distinguish what marble looks like. Oftentimes they will be able to pinpoint the material based on the presence of the aforementioned markings, this is usually followed by the typical colors that they come in: beige, light brown, dark brown, among others. Some might even find that marble may come in certain shades of reds and greens, as well as black.

Other than the colors that these come in, marble has a particular look that gives off the impression that the material has been worn out to a certain extent. This appearance is achieved due to the process of places the pieces of marble into a large container that carries sand inside of it, hence this “tumbled” look that you often find in the marble tiles that you see.

There are often pieces of marble that end up cracked and blemished due to the tumbling process, but this is nothing to worry about since these marble tiles are sealed with the use of resin that has been pigmented. This is done in order to restrain the cracks and blemishes from worsening, which may end up ruining the marble tiles completely.

The worldwide acclaim for marble has been made evident in so many ways; not only does its modern-day popularity say a lot, but the fact that there is an abundance in evidence that show how many ways people utilized the material back in the early days speak volumes. There is so much historical proof which document exactly how versatile and durable this material is, so it would be no surprise if you should come to testify this for yourself once you have marble tiles in the warmth of your own home.

Joan Vonnegut
Marble Tile – Miami


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