Technological Advancements Made Accessible To People All Over The World – Facebook Video Chat

Communication has come a long way since, and we are still part of the evolutions and innovations in modern science and technology. Since ancient times, communication is what we use to interact to one another. Whether in the form of drawing, sculpting, conversations and whatnot, it evolved and evolved into something we pretty much do in our everyday lives – through the virtual world.

Top social networking sites like Facebook allowed every member to upload their own innovation to technology in any way they want to; from as simple as making surveys, to more complex options like publishing your own video game. What caught my attention though is the way a simple webpage, managed to have its own communications tool. For those who haven’t used Facebook yet, this webpage can let you view different profiles of your friends, at the same time, send messages, and even chat online. With the addition of applications, it was made possible for Facebook to have its own Video Chat. Don’t get carried away though, as this baby is still a work in progress.

Aside from the noticeable differences between applications that doesn’t rely on webpages and java scripts, VOIPs like Skype and Yahoo! still has the edge compared to these aspiring software engineers. Sure, it’s really fascinating that you can do everything in one account, and one webpage. But you still have to accept applications made by the major companies are built to perfection every version it releases. Although the good thing about having everything in one page is the simple fact that you just need to enter one website – Facebook.

Not only does it save RAM on your computer, it also lessens pages that pop up in every communications application that you are using, making your online experience a little bit more relaxing. What I found disturbing though is that most video chat applications in Facebook have a common flaw – It broadcasts automatically. It can be a total inconvenience as you may forget to log out and do other stuff while you are away from your keyboard.

All in all, Facebook Video Chat applications can be useful, and at the same time, a tool that can potentially invade your privacy. Remember that not everyone who makes applications is professionals. Some people choose to earn quick cash, and computer hacking is just one of their fortes. Remember to only allow applications that you trust, and just because it sounds good, don’t mean it’s the best application out there.

Joan Vonnegut
Facebook Video Chat


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