Miami Commercial Real Estate Agents Should Treat Their Clients With Utmost Respect At All Times

Next time you think about looking for potential real estate agents to help you with your needs, be sure that the agent’s credentials are satisfactory. Because if you experienced what a colleague experienced in his scouting days. Check the details to learn more.

There have been fewer reports on crimes due to race this year, it was almost impressive, but every now and then, someone will swoop in to break the beautiful record just for the fun of it. As this month is heading to an end, a hate crime took place in the heart of Miami. This one almost flew undetected until a very offended immigrant decides to stop all the nonsense.

Brendan Uy, a 22 year old Graduate of Cal University shares his nightmare experience from one Richard Price, who is a commercial real estate agent. Brendan inherited money from a distant relative and made him a potential businessman. Checking every possible aspect to earn maximum net earnings, Brendan decided to build his own business: A bar. He checked the listings in Miami Beach, downtown, 5th St. and even a few ones down the border of Florida. It wasn’t as easy as he thought. He tried his luck online, and just like that, he found an impressive website. To his excitement, he contacted the number indicated on the website and arranged a meeting soon.

According to client, Brendan Uy, he was given a schedule to see the potential bar of his dreams instead of too-good-to-be-true snapshots found on his website. He was surprised that it wasn’t as big as he expected and it is way over his price range. Trying to make small talk as well as make a bargain out of the situation; he was caught by a brutal remark coming from a frustrated real estate agent. He said “Well, obviously you haven’t checked other areas as well. This is America, you can’t expect to plant rice in this place.” To his shock, Brendan Uy left the building furiously as he finds Richard’s comments too rude and racist.

All in all, Miami commercial real estate agents learned an important lesson in sealing the deal: never, ever, ever look down on a potential buyer just by their looks. Everyone knows looks can be deceiving. As for real estate agent Richard Price, he will be slapped with a nasty incident report that could possibly end his career… before it even started.

Joan Vonnegut
Miami Commercial Real Estate


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