Owners of Miami Beach Luxury Condos Unite In The Fight Against Robbery Among Them

Crime really doesn’t pay. A 46 year old man was arrested for attempting to break in at one of the houses in Indian Creek Village. The police reported that this is very usual at this time of the year because of the holidays, and the pressure of living life unemployed. Miami has really taken a slump when it comes to home security. In fact, people today are getting reckless and ill-informed when it comes to house security that as simple as getting surveillance equipment for maximum protection is not a priority for our fellow Americans nowadays.

It is better to save up for better home equipment rather than the rims on your car. Like what is stated earlier, it is not easy to earn money and a lot of our friends are trying to make quick bucks by transacting illegal businesses. An FBI report back in 2004, about killings along 5th street in Miami Beach, and is still under investigation, was rumored to be closed due to lack of physical evidence against the lead suspects. It’s very obvious that the Miami Metro Police should step up instead of arguing if the Lakers can beat Miami.

Crime is crime, whether the act is unintentional or unplanned, it still needs to be reported and be taken into the law’s hands. Every citizen can report a crime and a gesture like that can work wonders to you as a person, and a citizen of our beautiful city. Last week, a corrupt real estate broker was caught red-handed, when an undercover cop pretended to be interested in buying houses that can be hidden under the radar, when Mr. Alexander, aged 36, offered a house down in Normandy Island that can be purchased and settled in one business transaction, plus an additional charge that he called “finder’s fee”, which is 25% of the property price. The real estate broker was reported to be in a company called Miami Beach Luxury Condos, Incorporated. They cater to houses for sale or rent, as well as eco-friendly condominiums, and other services like moving, and laundromats.

Miami Beach Luxury Condos Incorporated stated that Mr. Alexander (not his real name), is no longer an employee or broker since 2006, after being terminated for the job due to sexual harassment cases filed by co-workers. The team of Miami Beach Luxury Condos also cleared its name from the house up for sale in Normandy Island, and didn’t add further information about the said property.

It is time for us rather, the citizens of this beautiful city, to help each other and watch each others backs.

Joan Vonnegut
Miami Beach Luxury Condos


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