The Joy Of Paying It Forward – Miami Luxury Homes As A Token Of Gratitude

A 40 year old homeless man was given a chance to change his life forever after receiving a very heart-warming present from a complete stranger. Johnny “the Velcro” Hill, is the name of the homeless man who lost everything after he got a divorce due to his infidelity. “Before I lost everything, I was the CEO of a very lucrative company whose name I am not allowed to disclose, and I was having the time of my life. Everything was going great, except for one thing – marriage.” He felt that he committed himself at a very young age. Just like every other couple in America, someone has to be on “Cheaters” show, and get the tradition going *insert sarcasm here*.

“I got caught eventually, and my ex-wife took everything from me. I lost whatever was once mine on gambling, drugs, and alcohol. A lot of times, I really wish I could just drop dead.” But, just like everyone – we make mistakes, and people deserve second chances. Greg Silverman, a 30 year old businessman was heading to the same road that Johnny once traveled, when the two met. “I was getting pressured with work and at home that I couldn’t seem to balance my personal life and work anymore. I was earning a lot of money but I had to be at work most of the time. My wife complained about the lack of quality time between us.” He also adds that due to being away from home all the time, he learned to find pleasure elsewhere. Being in this cycle for almost six months, he grew more addicted to living the bachelor life that he rarely stayed at home, even on his rest days.

Johnny saw Greg wasting away in a dark alley as he was being taken advantage of by local thugs; he then protected him, and practically saved his life. “Johnny saved my life… twice. He protected me from heartless thugs and helped me fix a family that’s falling apart.” As a token of his appreciation, Greg gave Johnny one of his Miami Luxury homes. “If it wasn’t for Johnny, I probably would have thrown whatever is left of my life away. The least I could offer a man this wise is shelter – and that’s what I can provide him.”

Greg Silverman gave him his very own beautiful house in down in Miami Beach, including all the furniture, plus a career working as his advisor. Everything about the place reminds Johnny about the life he thought he’d lose forever. From the pavements, to the roof assembly, to the interior finish, everything was perfect, and he was the only ingredient missing that could turn the house into a home. Well, it just proves to show that there are still people around the world who make a positive difference in everyday life.

Joan Vonnegut
Miami Luxury Homes


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